Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I teach beginning drawing classes to home-school students.  They are very bright children and so much fun to work with. Although most of my students are home schooled I have a few who attend school as well as adults. 

Here is work from a few students. I, regrettably, did not take photos of the variety of the work that they did. I also didn't take pictures of every student's work. I'm certainly going to do that from now on. With permission, of course.

Flowers, Pen and ink with watercolor, Sarah Turner, Age 11

Donkey, Maureen Mumford, Age 10

We work on basic elements of drawing and always work from still life to understand form, mass, light and shadow, and proportion. Besides the traditional still life materials we use Breyer Horses borrowed from my grandchildren as well as a lot of animal models collected over the years. My studio is in an old mill converted into a antique and collectibles store. It goes on forever! There are a myriad of items to borrow for drawing purposes so our still life material is unlimited. 

Breyer Horse, Nora Kelly, Age 13
Breyer Horse, Niamh McCann, Age 14

This summer one of my former students who is now in college came to my studio a couple times a week for a month to do some drawing. He is very talented and has plans to enter medical school. Our drawing sessions were great. Here is one of his in charcoal using as a model a statue of St. Ann with St. Mary.

St. Ann with St. Mary   Charcoal on Paper   Colin Goodman

Friday, September 5, 2014

Pears and Turner

You’d think my studio would be in perfect order. Isn't that what happens when you procrastinate? You clean and organize everything in sight rather than do the work you should be doing. But... my floor is unswept, am totally disorganized, and my work area is a mess. So it hasn't worked for me.

And then there has been the pre-crastinatation (a word my grandson, Joseph, made up - he says this is what you do before you before you procrastinate).  Doing both because I've been trying out new techniques in painting. Jumping from one thing to another. I have at least four projects (maybe its five) in progress but they're going nowhere.

What has happened though is that I have neglected this blog. Ugh! I need to get back to the drawing board ... and ... clean up my studio. I'd do better work and feel better, I'm thinking.

In the meantime I thought I'd post an old pastel painting that I did, I think, 10 years ago. 

Still Life of Pears    Pastel on Canson Paper

I took time out to go to a Turner Exhibit at the Peabody-Essex Museum in Salem. Awesome show. It was tremendously inspiring. He is one of my favorites. It was an exhibit of his seascapes: oils, watercolors, prints. There were a few other artists thrown in but the only one other than Turner I really liked was Constable. There were two of his seascapes shown which I loved. Turner had such a wonderful way of making his paintings come alive. The drama of rhythm and movement is unsurpassed.