Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pastel Painting

I like using pastels because it is closer to drawing than using oils or water colors and I love to draw. Then I end with a painting. It is also very satisfying to sketch with good pastel pencils.  

Here is a pastel painting that I just finished. I started it last summer while on the Rail Trail in Sterling and completed it in my studio. I very often work like that. 

Lake View on the Rail Trail
Pastel on Canson Mi-Teintes Paper - 16x20 unframed

Pastels are made from powered pigment using a binder. There are soft pastels and oil pastels. I use soft pastels which are easily blended. I start out with Rembrandt pastels: they are harder than other brands and makes the initial drawing easy. After my basic composition is done I go to a softer brand. Right now I'm using Winsor & Newton but I understand that W&N has discontinued their pastel line. Disappointing. I had wanted to add some colors to my basic collection and I do like their pastels. 

Have never had a desire to use oil pastels. Always thought I'd rather just oil paint which, as a matter of fact, I've recently been teaching myself to do. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I'm an artist living near Worcester, Massachusetts and recently decided to start a blog about my art and art in general: thoughts, insights, inspirations, master artists, etc. Whatever works.

My studio is located in the The Cider Mill which is in Sterling. The mill is a great place to shop if you like vintage and antiques. I'm tucked back in a corner of the mill (Corner Art Studio) painting, teaching, and puttering away.

I am part of the Like Mother Like Daughter blog and occasionally post but my daughter and granddaughters do most of the work. LMLD is about babies and children, keeping a comfortable and beautiful home, homeschooling, our faith, the way we live and so on. It will be very worth your while to check it out.  Leila, my daughter, and my granddaughters (Rosie, Sukie, Deirdre, and Bridget) are super intense about posting faithfully and they do a wonderful job.  

I have made giclĂ©e prints of some of my pieces. Prints are a great way to go, and can be reasonably priced to sell. Original work has to be priced high. To produce a piece of art (even a simple drawing) is the result of a lot of study, struggle, and work.

Here are a couple of my prints. One is a copy of a pastel and the other a copy of a charcoal drawing with white pastel. 

Petunias  Giclee print of pastel with charcoal drawing.

Lilies   Giclee print of charcoal drawing with white pastel    4.5 x 6.5
Signed and numbered for sale on Etsy
I'm so happy you are reading my blog and hope you will continue to visit. My goal is to post at least once a week.