Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New Work

This is an oil painting that I did from a pencil sketch. I've been trying out oils (basically teaching myself) and now feeling somewhat comfortable.

By the Path
Oil on canvas, unframed, 11 x 14
There is an old, very interesting cemetery near my studio where I sometimes take a walk. The drawing I made for this painting is along a path and the old tree with its roots coming out of the ground intrigued me.

A quote of Ingreshas been tacked on my wall for a few years. "Drawing is the probity of art. To draw does not merely consist of line but also of expression, the innermost form, the plane, modeling—see what remains after that. Drawing includes three and a half quarters of the contents painting." 


  1. I love your painting, but I have to say, Ingres' math is too complicated for me!

    1. Dear Ann,
      Thanks for your comments. So happy you love my painting.

      As for the Ingres'quote it is a little complicated. He could have simply said once the elements of drawing are learned well and with integrity painting is so much easier. You're three quarters of the way there. Nonetheless I love his way of putting it - so mysterious.

  2. I love that quote. It reminds me of the importance of discipline in art. I love the bark on the tree, the colors give such a depth. - Julie C

    1. Thanks Julie C. Learning the basics is so important. Whatever comes after that is your expression.