Sunday, June 22, 2014

Using Wallis Paper

I had said that I would try Wallis Sanded Paper so here is my painting. The problem I had with the Wallis paper is that is didn't stay flat as I worked. Curled at the edges. Maybe I should have taped it down instead of just putting clips to hold it. 

Studio Window, Pastel on Wallis paper, 9x11

I had some geraniums overwintering in one of my south facing studio window. Six plants which I managed to save for spring. The two large windows are perfect for this and the geraniums are now in our garden.

Ignoring the propane tanks that are outside and way below my windows, which I saw while painting this picture, I just put in blue sky and a hint of green of the trees which are behind the tanks. I was standing close to the window working at my easel. My studio is on the first floor but it is pretty high up and my usual view is trees and sky. Very cheerful.

It would be ideal to have north light instead of light from the south. I guess. But I find that a room with only north light is depressing (I took a class years ago at the Art Students League in NY in a studio with only north light). There are a lot of good hints on the internet about fixing south windows to get a north light effect. Really it is only relevant for me when doing still life painting and I don't do portraits. Anyway, it is nice to have a cheerful place to work.

In this painting I wanted to get the effect of the sun shining in the window. Still learning. Do we ever stop? No, never.


  1. I love the colors in this pastel, Habou! Very bright and cheerful.

  2. Red geraniums are the best! This is a cheerful painting indeed!