Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Here again after a long break!

I'm finally posting after more than a month's break. I was determined not to let this happen but life gets very busy, time passes, and things (I won't mention anything in particular) interfere and other things don't work out the way one would expect. I'm one of those artists who is always agonizing and then accomplishing little. Sigh...

Anyway, here is a painting that I had done when we lived in Dedham (as in Massachusetts). Am not sure this building and surroundings still look like this since I haven't seen the site in years so I hope those who know it will forgive me.

Endicott Branch Library, Charcoal and pastel on paper, 12 x 14, NFS
It is the back of the Endicott Branch library. The building was an old stable on the original estate. All the buildings, which include a beautiful mansion, and grounds were willed to the Town of Dedham by Katherine Endicott. Endicott Estate is an awesome city park. Besides the public and private activities that go on there it is a wonderful place for children and adults to play. My grandchildren have many fond memories of it. Every year Leila and I would rent out a small space in the wonderful greenhouse to plant seeds for our garden. I do hope the greenhouse is still there.

Rosie, asked for this painting. It started out as a charcoal sketch but I quickly decided to add some color with a few pastels. It was done on a type of paper that I would not ordinarily use for pastel so that alone is iffy. Before sending it off to Oklahoma I had decided that it needed a little re-touching with another layer of pastel which I've done. Typical me.


  1. A rentable greenhouse??!! What a wonderful opportunity that must have been.

    Re; re-touching and adding to your art - one of the rare abilities of an artist is to know when the piece is finally done. Goodness - I can never decide. I come down the next morning, and with fresh eyes, see "one more thing" (or perhaps 10...) that need adjusting. Dry media is typically forgiving, and oils wonderfully so, but watercolor controls you instead of you controlling it. I think ultimately we do like the tinkering that making art allows, the chance to sit with a scene and bring it to life just once more. Thanks for sharing your work!

    NY Mom

  2. Indeed, I do have fond memories of Endicott Estate. What a weird coincidence -- I just ran into an Endicott College grad last night and was reminiscing about Endicott Estate. Jealous that Rosie got this!

    1. Not to worry, Joseph. I've been wanting to go back and do another painting of that building as well as the greenhouse. You're on my list.

  3. I love this place and this painting. Many fond memories of Endicott. nice work!

  4. This is one of my favorites! It's a great building and you capture it very well. Love it.